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Recent news

  • [Dec. 2021] My paper "Exploiting Multi-view Part-wise Correlation via an Efficient Transformer for Vehicle Re-Identification" is accepted by IEEE Transactions on Multimedia.
  • [Jul. 2021] My paper "Self-supervised Geometric Features Discovery with Interpretable Attention for Vehicle Re-Identification and Beyond" is accepted by ICCV 2021 as a poster paper!
  • [Apr. 2021] I complete my RA work at WPI!
  • [Mar. 2021] I am awarded a four-year's PhD fellowship from National University of Singapore!
  • [Oct. 2020] Two papers are accepted by ICPR 2020!
  • [Aug. 2020] The video demo of my MTMC results on AI City Challenge 2020 is here!
  • [Jul. 2020] Our paper on "3D LiDAR Odometry Estimation" has been accepted for presentation at the ACM Multimedia 2020 conference!
  • [Jun. 2020] My results on AI City Challenge 2020 Track3: City-Scale Multi-Camera Vehicle Tracking rank 1st on the official leaderboard, which surpass the second ones by very large margins! Please check the screenshot of the ranking results!
  • [Nov. 2019] I start my research work on person/vehicle re-identification at Worcester Polytechnic Institute in MA, US.
  • [Aug. 2018] I start my RA work on medical image processing at UNC-Chapel Hill in NC, US.
  • [Jul. 2018] I complete my Master study in Peking University successfully!